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Experience the great outdoors with a mentality made for adventure! Camping, hunting, backpacking, rock climbing, and fishing are just a few of the exciting outdoor activities that turn a trip into a trek. We always need to make sure that we are correctly fitted with the right outdoor equipment in order to have an unforgettable adventure experience we had planned for.

As human beings, even just a walk around the neighborhood can be a different and wonderful feeling! It would give us a completely different perspective of its worth when we're on the outside looking in, rather than the inside looking out.

The entertainment of new sights, sounds, tastes, smells, sensations, and experiences are absolutely amazing and we as humans have the opportunity to live for that everyday of our lives! One of the biggest reasons why we here at Monerator believe in the power of travel so greatly is that we face up to the challenge. The challenge is to step outside of our comfort zone and be away from where is safe and familiar. The ability is to think on our feet and use resources to the fullest degree! This in return helps us grow not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Travel Gear Prepared :
• Travel alarm clock
• Headlamp or flashlight
• Battery charger
• Extra batteries
• Electrical outlet converter
• Knife or multi-tool (in checked luggage)
• Umbrella
• Camera
• Memory cards or film
• Book/reading material
• Music player with headphones
• Journal or sketchbook with pens/pencils
• Quick-dry travel towel
• Sleep sheet (or sleeping bag liner)
• Travel pillow
• Packable luggage scale

All you need is just one Monerator and all of your travel necessities that need power will be up and running anywhere, at anytime! Its genius design and fine engineering has made Gusto compact size and light weight.

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