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We live in a beautiful place where we can experience nature from the comfort of our RV. Recreational vehicles have become the weekend cottage for many people who love the freedom lifestyles. However, never be tied down to one place. With so much to see and do, why should the fun stop where the roads end?

On a trip it is always nice to have some the luxuries we enjoy at home. For example, your children may still want to play their hand-held electronic games, such as a Game Boy. Occasionally you may want to use your laptop computer either to play a game or to watch a DVD movie.

If you have a cell phone, you may need to charge its battery for any kind of emergency or importance. Therefore, a portable solar generator is probably the first and best choice to have on your adventure with you and the whole family! With a portable solar generator you have the opportunity to expand the range of your outing and not have to worry about the shortage of power to all of your electrical devices. You can take our Monerator Gusto anywhere with you thanks to its genius design, which makes it smaller in size and even lighter in weight. You can even carry it in your backpack!

Go anywhere you want at anytime without sacrificing your comfort and power!

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