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Work in the field

How to keep working with your electronic products when you are doing scientific research or exploration in remote areas without any utility power?

May be you are worry about the loss of data, or you need a GPS help when you are lost. At night, you can use the mobile generator to light up. A mobile generator can meet your electricity demand whenever and wherever you need power.


Working site

We often have to work in the site for special reasons. For example, we have to work in the site where roads need construction. But there’s a problem that power is often unavailable because of the provisional working site, especially in remote area. Don’t worry. Our generator Goodfellas will help power the electrical devices. Easy to operate and convenient to carry, so no matter how remote the working site is, don’t forget to take with our Goodfellas.


Mobile office

What’s a mobile office? It’s what it sounds like – your design-work office on the go. All of your essential tools in a bag, ready to take with you.

Whether on a commute, a flight to somewhere far, sitting outside and overlooking gorgeous nature, or simply popping into your local library or cafe, a mobile office is a trimmed down, simplified version of only the most important tools to get your design, web, and any other creative work done.

Usually, a mobile office involves:
1. A laptop
2. A mobile phone
3. Chargers
4. Music player and headphones
5. Any needed accessories

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Gusto 20
20Ah . 256Wh
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40Ah . 512Wh
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Goodfellas 60
60Ah . 768Wh
Fast, efficient charging
Solar energy friendly
Battery Module
Gusto 10
10Ah . 128Wh
Longer service life
Solar energy friendly
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