Smart EZ series is a compact solar hybrid UPS & ESS Battery System for home. It makes green energy 24/7 available in association with photovoltaic system and grid / generator. Electricity is getting more expensive in countries. Smart EZ stores daytime energy from PV and makes it available at any time, minimizing electricity purchase from the grid, which results in increased energy self-consumption at home and reduced overall electricity charges.

In addition, rural areas where the power grid hardly covers can have stable and cheap electricity from PV system using Smart EZ series. And it can also be used as emergency power source when unexpected interruption occurs.

Features :

  • Efficient and cozy design.
  • Compact size and high energy density
  • Equipped with latest Li-ion battery technology.
  • Premium quality and long life cycle.
  • Safest Li-ion technology in the market.

Application :

  • Solar energy stored
  • Go off the grid
  • Emergency backup power
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